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We strive to provide you with a new design element for taking your website to altogether another level. We take care of your logo design, mobile website designing, HTML page designing, and through our, umpteen numbers of services totally revamp your e-commerce website.

A website redesign is a complete process of redesigning your site that involves upgrading content, rejuvenating layouts, and enhancing navigation for improved conversions and site performance.

Your website serves as the public face of your company and serves as the basis for your digital identity. A website is divided into two parts: the backend and the frontend. The backend, or code, is what powers the website and its operations, but the frontend is what decides how your site looks. A website makeover is a complete makeover of one (or both) of these two components. Consider your website to be an automobile. The engine and other technical and electrical components make up the car's backend, while the interior and exterior paint, bonnet, tires, windscreen, and headlamps make up the frontend.

Every redesign begins with a backstory. The reasons for redesigning a website might vary, but what every website redesign project has in common is an obvious dispute and a recommended resolution with an action plan. This tutorial goes into great depth on the process of putting this action plan into action. However, before beginning the process of redesigning a website, it is critical to establish the overall goal of the redesign.

When Do You Need a Website Redesign?

Companies change their websites for a variety of reasons. Some of the causes are covered in depth in the sections that follow.

Repositioning vs. Rebranding

Rebranding is a marketing approach used to modify the impression of a company for commercial objectives. It allows the firm to stand out in a sea of rivals. Rebranding becomes necessary in some instances, like mergers. The rebranding also becomes inevitable when you want to:

  • Accelerate growth
  • Revive lost brand identity
  • Update an outdated website
  • Establish a unique brand voice
  • Accommodate for new or amended products and services

Repositioning, on the other hand, involves altering your clients' perceptions of your brand. Market or brand positioning is a quick explanation of your place in the market. Starbucks, for example, advertises itself as a supplier of high-quality coffee and drinks, whereas Tesla and Audi have positioned themselves as premium status symbols in the market. Likewise, McDonald's and Wendy's project themselves as innovative leaders or low-cost providers with their inexpensive quick bites

The Introduction of a New Product or Service

When a new product or service line is introduced, it almost always necessitates a redesign to suit the new features and functions. Companies take this move for a variety of reasons, including rebranding or repositioning themselves in the market. Nonetheless, it necessitates a collaborative effort and considerable engagement of developers and design resources. Launch a minimal viable product whenever possible (MVPs). Either provide a new feature with restricted functionality or test it on a selection of pages. With MVPs, you can quickly demonstrate impact and gain more resources.

Increasing the Functionality of a Website

When you decide to add new features to your website, you must make changes to the present layout. Because website functionality may have a direct impact on your organization, you must ensure that the feature you wish to add to your website matches your business objectives.

Optimizing Conversions Using Data-Driven Insights

CRO does not focus on increasing site traffic, but rather on increasing conversions from existing users. This way, you won't have to work as hard to get more visitors to visit your website. As a result, having data to back up your ideas is critical.


Why Our Web-Redesigning Services are Beneficial?

We believe in making things convenient and viable for our clients and creating new design elements that take their website to another level. We also offer progressive and value-added features and options in website-redesigning.


Smooth Process, Effective Outcome

Insightful Technologies is known as a firm that offers customized services and with website-redesigning as well, we offer customoriented services that fit our client's specific interests.

Our Service Specialization

Improve Your Digital Footprint

To help our clients in every step of the way, we make efforts to improve their digital footprint, creating more presence for them across the internet by making a powerful website.

Micro Interaction, Animation & Redesign

Similar are our services for Animation and Redesign, where our team creates the best of animation to make our client's website more interactive and attractive powered with re-design features that stand out.

Revamping eCommerce Website

For providing better performance of our client's website, through our efficient re-designs features, we make sure to increase their bounce rate, help with better SEO, security concerns and make the e-commerce website more mobile-friendly.

CMS Redesign

Our team works to improve the technicalities and tools for our client's website. CMS redesigning with Insightful Technologies would mean developing a new skin to fit the client's site and integrating with CMS, giving them the ease to control individual elements or change the content.

Lead Generation Redesign

Your website is where you will find your potential leads and catch their attention; it is essential to put enough emphasis on lead generation redesign. With lead generation redesigning, we make sure to get our clients closer to their potential customers with completely revamping their website.

High Return on Investment

All our services are driven by higher return on investment (ROI) and this gives fruitful and desired results to our clients. Our strong website re-designing services stand apart from others in the industry for its commitment to better the website, providing better results, and thus getting higher ROI.

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