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Forgiving your website a unique identity, we offer comprehensive WordPress development services that will propel you ahead of the competition. We specialize in client-oriented strategies, WordPress customization, full compliance, and many other services.

There are two sorts of people that choose to work in WordPress development. The first group of folks is individuals who are already developers in some capacity and have decided to learn more about WordPress. The second sort of person has no coding knowledge but needs to tweak their present WordPress website to modify anything they don't like.

WordPress is a fantastic medium for learning more about development, which is why it is ideal for individuals who learn as they go. For numerous reasons, it performs particularly effectively as a learning tool for novice developers.


To get the most out of WordPress development, multiple different code languages must be taught. WordPress is based on PHP, one of the most widely used computer languages on the internet. It also makes extensive use of HTML, CSS, and a little Javascript for different features. Other coding languages and standards are involved (for example, XML and MySQL), but you don't need to know anything about them at the start of your development journey.

PHP, CSS, and HTML are the three fundamental languages that you must master to become a WordPress developer (in descending order of complexity and need).PHP governs how everything in WordPress interacts with one another and how it communicates with the MySQL database. It can be used to develop some incredible functionality and is the primary language to master for all aspects of WordPress.

CSS is the next most crucial thing to learn. This is how you design a website. It is how you set your site out from all the others on the internet. It may be quite tough to learn and will need a significant amount of study to get the most out of it.HTML is the framework upon which the PHP functionality and CSS style are constructed. It is the simplest language to learn, yet it is crucial in the creation of a well-designed website.


Why Our WordPress Development Seems Beneficial?

Our versatility and ability to take care of our client's requirements help us always stay up on the game. For this very reason, at Insightful Technologies, we offer comprehensive WordPress development services offering their website the necessary identity and boost for staying ahead others in the industry.


Smooth Process, Effective Outcome

Our team of professionals possesses the technical expertise to offer solutions in WordPress development that are custom designed for our clients, for suiting their business concern.

What ways to use WordPress?

WordPress may be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from simple websites to eCommerce markets and everything in between.

The following are just a few examples of the various types of websites you may create using WordPress.

  • Create a Blog
  • Create a company website.
  • Create an online store.
  • Create a membership website.
  • Offer online courses for sale.

Our Specialized Services

Full Compliance

Our company excels at providing full compliance to all our clients by offering WordPress development services that comply with all the requirements of industry standards, keeping keen interest at what our clients desire.

Affordable & Quick

We are well-known in the industry for the affordable services we provide across verticals and how quickly we take actions to deliver well to our clients. With our WordPress development services as well, we make sure to provide economical yet quick services to all our clients.

Dedicated workforce

Putting all the requirements and desires of our clients into action, our passionate and dedicated workforce leaves no stone unturned to surprise our clients with exemplary WordPress development services. This is how we maintain our standards in the growing industry by being committed to what we do.

Client-Oriented Strategy

We make sure that our clients are at the centre of every decision we make while creating or developing strategies for them. At Insightful Technologies, it is all about making client-oriented strategies that provide the best desired results through powerful WordPress development services.


Time and again, we have maintained saying that we are a company that believes in 'people over profits'. Hence, along with the many other services, our WordPress development services are all customized for each of the clients we work along our journey, providing them with exclusive end-to-end solutions.

Support & Delivery

We make efforts towards creating our client's website attractive and pleasing and put enough emphasis on our support and delivery methods to fully commit ourselves to all our clients and their requirements for WordPress development. Our support team is ever ready to be at their service 24/7 and provide our services' timely delivery.

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