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The Healthcare Industry is evolving at a rapid pace and is undergoing a tectonic shift in every aspect healthcare services. The industry is being reshaped by advancements in technology, changing patient care dynamics, patient affordability and remote patient management. Today, healthcare providers are compelled to provide sustainable, accessible, quality and profitable care services irrespective of geographical limitations.

We at Insightful Technologies have expertise in developing robust, secure, and tailor-made solutions for care providers including hospitals, physicians, provider networks, and more. We take into consideration affordability, accountability, structural and regulatory changes to develop technology solutions that empower healthcare providers to provide state-of-the-art services. We focus on recent technology trends such as mobility, big data, digitalization, cloud computing, data security, predictive analysis, and more that are reshaping the health care industry. Over the years, we have partnered with global health care providers, which allow us to create solutions that are tailored to their specific needs while helping them focus on improving efficiency and providing outstanding care.

With our domain and digital expertise, we strive to help our customers streamline the provision of integrated care for better clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

Our Healthcare Services

We provide a wide array of healthcare IT services that can help organizations attain and maintain compliance

R&D Services: Right from conceptualization and design to development and post product launch, we ensure efficiency in everything we do with a constant focus on innovation, and regulatory compliance.

Analytics and Digital: Our customers can create key platform components for integrating data with workflows by leveraging our digital and analytics services. Customers can get better outcomes using our predictive analytics solution.

Application Services: Our team of medical App developers is adept at creating robust healthcare mobile Apps that best meet customer requirements.

Benefits of Availing
Healthcare IT Services

Benefits of Availing Healthcare IT Services

Ensure security of all medical data and records.

Streamlines business processes and systems to transform the way businesses conduct themselves.

Enable health information exchange, electronic health records, and other improvements that enhance the quality of care provided by you.

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Management

Comprehensive Management

At Insightful, our experts manage every aspect of your IT environment including software and server hardware maintenance besides support for all medical applications such as EMR.



Data safety is ensured by regular and automated backups irrespective of the crisis a business faces. We undertake every security measure such as antivirus and anti-spam software that is regularly updated to ensure the protection of your patient data while being in compliance with regulatory standards such as HITECH and HIPAA.



We strive to provide maximum productivity for your practice by monitoring your IT systems round the clock while ensuring minimal downtime.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are extremely competitive and we offer an all-inclusive billing, which will help accelerate your IT budgeting process.

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