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The fashion and lifestyle sector is one of the largest industries in the world and is at the forefront of innovation. With the advancement in technology, the industry is undergoing large scale changes. The exponential growth of digital technologies has increased customer expectations and also the pressure for growth and cost-efficiency. To protect their brand reputation, fashion and lifestyle companies should digitally transform themselves to improve their speed to market and implement innovation in their core manufacturing, design and supply chain processes.

At Insightful, we have more than a decade experience of in providing quality and cost-effective services to organizations in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Our IT services and solutions for the fashion industry bank on our experience of developing tailor-made innovative IT solutions, vendor management and comprehensive maintenance and support, to keep your IT environment up and running all the time.

Benefits of Availing Fashion & Lifestyle IT Services

Increased Collaboration: Several cloud-based applications are leveraged by organizations that are a part of the fashion and apparel industry to support their employees in completing redundant and time-consuming office-based tasks even while on the go and enabling them to keep in touch with external suppliers beyond office hours.

Effectively Manage Change: Stakeholders of a fashion and lifestyle based organization such as retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers require software with functionalities such as access while on the go, capacity to handle huge data volumes, information about supply chain processes and distribution information. Such software will provide insights that can help organizations to keep pace with the industry.

Customized Solution: We have developed several business management systems to meet industry-specific needs including but not limited to container management and warehousing solutions.

E-commerce Integration: We assist online businesses with the integration of back-office accounting and enterprise systems with your e-commerce website. This helps in increasing efficiency by automating processes such as stock levels and sales orders. Besides getting an increased level of efficiency, the scope for human error is significantly reduced.

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We have experience in developing industry-specific solutions for clients from the fashion industry.

Data Security

Data Security

We ensure 100% data security and create solutions that fulfil customer, as well as regulatory requirements.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources

We provide dedicated resources for one-stop support services.

Flexible Model

Flexible Model

We provide a flexible engagement model to help you budget your requirement in a better way.

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