ORM stands for Online Reputation management. It plays an important role in digital marketing because it helps to get rid of negative reviews about a company person and brand from search engines. ORM involves inserting new content online that pushes previous or unwanted content lower in search results. The biggest misconception of some marketers about ORM is that it is a part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methodologies which helps business to improve the search engine ranking but ORM is opposite from SEO because SEO helps us to improve the search engine ranking by using different On page and Off page activities and ORM helps us to get rid of bad reviews of customers by pushing previous or unwanted reviews lower in search results so that we can attract more customers for our business effectively or easily.

Here are some effective techniques or strategies that can help marketers to manage the online reputation of the business-

Content Management- Content always plays an important role in ORM because the marketing experts always say that “Content is the King” which helps us to improve the online reputation of the business by pushing the bad or unwanted content down in search results by inserting new content.

SEO can also be helpful for online reputation management because SEO helps us to improve the search engines visibility of the business ‘s website organically through on-page and off page activities. Good visibility in search engine result pages(SERPs) is always helpful for building the online reputation of the business.

Social profile management- One of the most effective and easiest methods to begin to control your reputation in the search engine result pages (SERPs) is to create social profiles on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, linked in, YouTube and many more.

How Online Reputation Management is Important in Digital Marketing-

  • 65% of customers come from online referrals- According to marketing experts- If you manage the customers feedback actively then it will be helpful for you to build your referral list and trust with current and potential customers who are searching Online.
  • It will boost Your SEO- Online Reviews help you to boost your SEO because it is always the most important and effective factor in SEO because it directly impacts search engines ranking.
  • Improve your brand visibility- Nowadays, people tend to review from blog, forums and social media before making a verdict on what to purchase. ORM enables you to improve positive feedback about your brand and create brand visibility.
  • Improve Sales- Generally, more people attract from those companies who have more positive reviews because it helps them to get the trust easily. This is because most of the people feel that more positive reviews mean most effective products and services.

Regardless of whatever your strategies for Online Reputation Management in 2019 have been, you need to re-position your brand according to the ever-evolving context of marketing. In 2020 the game will not be just possessing a reputation system, but to change the game for your brand. Now, multi-channel strategies will be the investment point for your brand to stand out. Online reputation management tools will be extensively used for consumption of various modes of content to hike its market share. For sure 2019 has seen lots of unaddressed troll stories; we bet you 2020 will also face its fair share. By being connected with the best online reputation management company you can easily neutralise it. A good strategy will fetch you a success story. Being a wise brand you just need to strategise your concepts, which is the key to business boom, and we have that golden key with us.

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