Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Today’s digitally-savvy customers expect the ability to find your business on multiple platforms. Studies show that a customer would prefer to reach out via social media channels over simply picking up the phone to place a call.

Social media communication differs quite a bit from more traditional forms of media, such as print or broadcasting, where an individual or organization is sharing information with a large group of people. Due to its very nature, social media is more intimate and personal.

New Marketing Opportunities

This rise has created a number of exciting marketing opportunities for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Global Reach will be happy to assist you in determining the sites and communities you should engage in to meet your marketing objectives. We can then provide training and assistance to help you get the most out of your investment.

Regardless of your industry, claiming, optimizing, and maintaining your brand on social media platforms is a vital part of any digital marketing and long-term growth strategy.

An inter-connected social media marketing strategy has been shown to have a positive effect on customer relations, organic SERP ranking, and increased sales. These platforms allow your business to create and share content that adds value and demonstrate expertise in ways that are unlike anything possible before.

An Ongoing Digital Marketing Partnership

Let Global Reach assist with your strategy across all platforms

If you would like to receive professional feedback, advice, and recommendations, we advocate our Ongoing Social Media Consulting services. Each month, we will start by reviewing and analyzing your progress from the previous month. We will gather insight and make recommendations on focus areas for the month ahead.

We will work with you on a monthly basis to determine which areas require attention and allocate as the budget allows. Our monthly consulting packages include:

  • Research and compilation of post ideas
  • Implementation of post ideas
  • Quarterly reporting on social media traffic

Research and Compilation of Post Ideas

Posting to your accounts on a regular basis is essential for building and maintaining an effective social media presence. Creating fresh post ideas can be a challenge, but we are here to help. Global Reach can provide you with a monthly list of post ideas that you can implement yourself, or we can post them for you.

Implementation of Post Ideas

With proper access, we can update your social media account(s) for you on a regular schedule. Pending your approval of our ideas, we can begin posting on your account. Consistent social media activity is needed to keep your audience interested and engaged in your company or organization.

Social Media Advertising

We have seen clients gain up to 200 new followers per month by allotting just $10 per day for advertising. One strategic advantage is the ability to target very specific demographics and interests. We will work with you to create hyper-targeted ads that will attract the attention you want! To make the most of your daily advertising budget, we will also monitor and manage your ads as needed.

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