Lifestyle & Fashion


We continue to drive sales through our ongoing Marketing efforts, in addition to successfully handling Lumin’s Design and Development.

Lifestyle & Fashion

Phuket Deluxe Spa

We provided end-to-end solutions for Phuket Deluxe Spa, encompassing Designing, Development, and a seamless booking process. Our services ensure a holistic approach, enhancing the spa’s online presence and offering a smooth experience for customers throughout their journey.


The Earth

We’ve accomplished both Designing and Development for ‘The Earth,’ a project dedicated to enhancing the environment and making a positive impact on our planet. Contributing to Earth’s well-being is our priority, and we strive to make a meaningful difference through our efforts.


Wedding Photography

Delivered a comprehensive project for our Photography client, building everything from scratch. From establishing a strong online presence to handling Marketing, our services covered every aspect. The result is a successful and thriving platform that showcases their photography expertise to the world.



We undertook a full-fledged e-commerce development project from scratch for a healthcare industry client. Additionally, we are proactively managing their marketing initiatives. Our comprehensive approach ensures seamless online shopping experiences for their customers and effective promotion of their healthcare products and services.



We revamped their online presence with a complete Design and Development overhaul. Our efforts resulted in a significantly improved and user-friendly platform, providing better accessibility and engagement for their audience.


Regency Limousine

We catered to the needs of another client by providing Development services, including a user-friendly mobile app for seamless rental service bookings. The app ensures convenience and efficiency, enhancing their customers’ experience while accessing rental services.



Delivered comprehensive services to our client, covering Brand Management, Online Presence, Marketing, and IT Consulting. Our integrated approach ensures a cohesive and successful strategy, elevating their brand visibility, strengthening their online presence, and providing expert guidance for their IT needs.

Food & Beverages


We successfully designed and developed from scratch, and the client’s business is now thriving. Our efforts have contributed to their success, providing them with a robust platform that supports their operations and enables them to run their business smoothly.

Food & Beverages

Chilly Date Foods

We optimized the online presence and sales for another client by completing the Design and Development on Shopify. Our efforts led to an enhanced platform, driving increased sales and providing a better overall experience for their customers.

Construction & Consulting


Offered comprehensive Development services along with Marketing support. Our end-to-end solutions ensured a successful project, empowering them with a well-developed platform and effective marketing strategies to achieve their goals.

Construction & Renovation

Laoyuan Renovation

We took charge of Design and Marketing right from the start, aiming to boost their sales. Our integrated approach resulted in a compelling design and effective marketing strategies that have successfully contributed to increased sales and business growth.


Pod Pitara

We developed a Podcast system from scratch for our client, and our responsibilities extended to Marketing and Branding. With our efforts, their Podcast platform thrived, reaching a wider audience and establishing a strong brand presence in the market.

Travel & Hospitality


We crafted a bespoke website for a client in the hospitality industry and actively manage their Marketing endeavors. Our solutions have effectively elevated their online presence and marketing efforts, enhancing their business performance in the competitive hospitality sector.

250+ Project Successfully Delivered

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